CRM for trade.

The system is designed for Online and Offline sales
CRM Needplex
Add new customers and manage existing ones.
Process orders and claims made through your sites.
Receive notifications and reminders of events and new orders.
Create notes and comments to your orders, inquiries, customers.
Integration via API with your sites.
Keep all important information in one place.


CRM Needplex



Management from anywhere in the world.

Without restrictions.

Mobile version.




Working with requests

Add a new customer request. Forming a request history for the planned transaction.

Creating a customer

You can creat the client and work with comments and statuses.

Working with orders

Creating orders, managing sales and pre-sales. Sale of goods and services.

Data analysis

Analytics of appeals, inquiries, orders.


Ability to connect an unlimited number of sites to collect orders and requests.


The system notifies about planned events by your email and telegram.


Use of comments to requests, orders, customers


Create Payments by Order.


Create invoices for the order.


Sending emails to a client's Email.

System implementation and optimization

Possible individual refinement for business processes of your company.


How much does a CRM system cost?

- The system is free.

Order settings
How much do system changes cost?

- We need to calculate the price individually for your tasks and business processes that are important to you.

Can I download and install the system on my own?

- Currently, the installation is carried out by a specialist of our company. He configures and explains in details how to use the system. (This is paid service.)

Can I create an order?

- Yes, the system is designed to sell goods and services. You can create orders.

I have an online store, can I set up to work with it?

- Yes, it is possible to synchronize goods and orders with the system through the API. (This is paid service.)

Can I save customers and their referral history?

- Yes, the system can store all customers data.