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CRM system

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The main purpose of the CRM system is customer management, preparation sale, financial transactions, formation of orders for goods and services of your company.

When your company becomes large, you need to store and process the data you work with.

Your employees are working with documents in Excel or Word format, which is not very convenient.

Our system opens up new opportunities for you!

Your employees will never lose customers, will not forget to contact them, they will always and everywhere have access to contact information, financial transactions, and that's not all!

We offer a unique revision of the system to your requirements and the direction of your business, as well as technical support and, of course, prompt cooperation.




English, Deutsch, Russian, Ukrainian



Query Store

When a new customer contacts your company, you can save his query and work with it.

Query Processing

You can yourself manage queries add comments, save work history.

Customer creation

Creating a customer and indicating his contact information and details.

Customer management

You can lead the customer by working with comments and statuses.

Service catalog

Creating a catalog of services for working with orders.

Catalog of goods

Creating a catalog of goods for working with orders.

Creating orders

Creating orders and managing sales and pre-sales.

Order management

Sales, transaction support.

Create Payments

Creation of full and partial payments based on the order.

Invoice creation

Creation of invoices based on the order and sending to the client by mail.

Document storage

Storage of files, details, acts and other documentation.

Data analytics

Analytics of appeals, queries, orders, finances.