Cloud CRM for vetclinic.

CRM system for managing the Veterinary Hospital
Add pet owners and manage existing.
Add pets and manage their hospital charts.
Activate only the right employees.
Analyse vaccination data by period.
Use appointment and vaccination reports.
Filter by patient diagnosis.
Use the trial period of 14 days to get to know the system.
Connect employees to an individual rate.

System overview v1.0




Pet owners

Pet owners management. Create and edit detailed information.


Pets management. Add pets and manage the existing.

Hospital charts

Hospital charts management. Add a diagnosis, purpose of an appointment, recommendations, tests.


Vaccinations management. Creating, editing, checking the vaccination history.

Branch offices

Branch offices management. Creating, editing a separate branch for employees.

Types of animals

Types of animals management. Expand the list of existing.

Data Analytics

Analytics of appointments, vaccinations, owners, patients.

Implementation and optimisation of the system

Can be customised for your hospital.


What is the cost of plans?

- The cost for one user is 3 UAH per day.
- This is 500 UAH for 6 months of using the system.

What period is offered?

- The plan is offered individually for each user for 6 months with the possibility of further extension at the end of the period.

How much does it cost to change the system?

- Each suggestion is considered and put into a plan for further implementation.

How to start using?

- Follow the link
- Now you need to register.
- You will receive a link to enter your hospital to the specified Email.

How to extend the plan?

- You need to go to Settings -> System -> Plans.
- In this section, you will be able to manage plans.

How to get help?

- You can fill out the form in the Contacts section or call us back.
- Your request will be processed.