Simple and convenient

CRM system

Simple and convenient CRM system



About Us

Needplex is a company specializing in developing CRM systems for business.
We help start-up companies grow their business by optimizing data.
Our products are very easy to use and clearly focused on solving narrow problems in our customers' sales, and our services are available to everyone.



We offer an easy and convenient CRM system for working with your customers.

For attracting new customers or accompanying existing customers.
For creating and managing orders.
For creating payments for orders and analyzing data.
For creating new calls or call-backs from your customers.
For processing applications made through the site.
For storing information, documentation, history.


Individual development application for you

Individual development for you. Customization of the system based on your needs.

BackEnd development

Our company provides back-end development services for your projects within the Laravel framework.

Front-end development

In our company you can order front-end development for your projects within the Vue.js framework.

Website design

You can order a unique website design - always modern, bright and effective design solutions for your web project.


Application area

If you have:

an online store
a retail sale of goods
 a trade in services
a wholesale of goods

this system is perfect for you!