About Us.

A partner who takes care of your online business.

Needplex - is a company that specializes in developing WEB & MOBILE solutions for business.

We create individual web-services, mobile applications, and design solutions that help companies in various fields of activity to develop their business on the Internet. The products developed by us are very easy to use, clearly focused on specific issues, bright, fast and exclusive.

We work with popular technologies, which allows us to offer you the best solutions. Managers of our company will actively participate in the study of your business and offer the best solution for an optimization.

Needplex - is a young team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who really like what they do. We sincerely believe that information technology rules the world, and we are ready to become a part of something meaningful!

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We always strive to provide you with the best service and high-quality products. To do this, our team carefully and timely checks their work, as well as optimizes the process of creating a web product.


First of all, we are partners for our clients. We build strong and transparent relationships with every customer who comes to us.


We are excellent team players. Our team believes that an effective result can only be achieved through the joint efforts of the whole team. The initiative and experience of each specialist make a huge contribution to the creation of a valuable product.

Responsibility and Enthusiasm

We treat our work and the products we help to create with great responsibility and enthusiasm. Our team always listens carefully to the client's opinion and is happy to suggest new ideas.


We constantly improve and evolve within the stack of our technologies. Working hard and enjoying the process is our key to success. We thrive because we love what we do!


Quality assistance in solving all security problems, customer code violations, data loss, and availability of the resource on the Internet is provided by our technical support department.