Mobile applications.

My Diary

My Diary is an application for adding notes about your personal desires, goals, emotions, feelings, moods. It is possible to write a summary of the day, rate your mood and write down wishes for the next day. It is also possible to edit your profile and set a password.


Playlist is an application for adding users' favorite songs. It is possible to add, listen, delete, move a song to another category, share a link to your list of songs.

Kitchen E-Shop

The Kitchen E-Shop app was made for an online store of utensils and other goods and accessories for the kitchen. Among the functionality: viewing a product, adding it to favorites and the basket, editing the basket, creating a personal profile and viewing the purchase history, saving the delivery address and adding new addresses.

Maurtue Trade

The application was created specifically for establishments of various types (supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pizzerias, cafes, non-food stores, etc.). Maurtue Trade is an additional application for entering and posting information by an institution. Maurtue Trade works in conjunction with the Maurtue app. In this application, the institution can register and post information about itself, ...


An application for ordering food and products online. Register, choose a category of products or meals, find your favorite store or restaurant and order quickly and easily.

Functionality also includes tracking the courier on a map, adding dishes, products, restaurants, cafes, shops to favorites, saving and adding delivery addresses.

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