Privacy Policy.

This policy of personal data processing is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine "On personal data" and determines the procedure for processing personal data and security measures.

The Needplex team cares about the security of its customers data and puts the most important goal of its activities to respect the rights and freedoms of men and citizens in the processing of personal data, including protection of privacy, personal and family secrets.

The Privacy Policy applies to all information that the Needplex team may obtain about visitors to the website.

This document (Privacy Policy) describes in detail what information we receive, collect and use in connection with the use of the site located at

Each time you use the Needplex service, you unconditionally agree to all the points described in this document. We will update or change the Privacy Policy at any time with or without notice. However, we will not use your personal information in a way that is materially different from that described in this document.

If you are a user of the Needplex Service from any country other than Ukraine, with its specific laws governing the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data, please note that due to the constant use of the Needplex Service, which is regulated by the laws of Ukraine, according to the Privacy Policy and public offer, you transmit your personal information in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

The software of the Needplex service allows you to obtain information about software development services.

By registering on the Needplex service and using it, the User agrees to the processing of all data entered for registration in order to properly provide services.

Personal data we store about Users includes:

- full name

- phone number

- email address

The site also collects and processes impersonal data about visitors (including cookies).

We do not pass on your personal data to anyone, except in cases where a request has been received from the competent authorities, executed in accordance with the requirements of the law, including in accordance with Art. 93 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

We store only those data that are necessary for the proper functioning of our Service.

We take all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. These measures include internal verification of data collection, storage and processing processes, and security measures, including appropriate encryption and measures to ensure the physical security of data to prevent unauthorized access.

The privacy policy may change from time to time. Changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this page.

All questions related to the privacy policy can be sent to