Mobile development.


Android is the most popular mobile operating system. A huge number of users around the world work with it. Android apps created by Needplex provide lots of important business functions that help attract more customers to your business. Our Android developers purposefully develop powerful and scalable applications. We use the latest tools and Android SDK to help you find the best solutions for your applications.


Needplex has experience in creating native applications for the iOS platform. We develop high-quality, multifunctional, and reliable mobile applications that benefit both customers and users. Our iOS-applications allow us to solve the most various business problems. Our team of experienced professionals approaches the creation of products comprehensively, from analytics to the launch of the program, its support, as well as the development of additional functionality.

Stages of mobile application development


At the initial stage, we discuss with you the idea of your business and its tasks. Then we start collecting analytics. It helps to understand how users will work with the new application and, accordingly, make the most convenient, useful, understandable product.

Software Requirements Specification

You can send us an existing technical task. We will analyze and supplement it with the necessary information. However, we can help you create the document from scratch. A detailed SRS will definitely help our specialists to build the right architecture and design and, accordingly, create a high-quality product.

Design and Engineering

At this stage, the developers and designers think through the logic of the application. Then the designers begin to create sketches and choose colors. The future product is being developed on the basis of sketches, mockups, and clickable prototypes.


After approval of the SRS, design, and prototypes, the team of experienced developers approaches writing code and implementing the behavior of applications. The team connects the app’s logic with the server if it is needed. Besides, the elements of the user interface and style are being added as well.

Testing and Stabilization

After that, the team proceeds to the stage of testing and stabilizing the mobile app. Our QA-engineers work on the project from the first stage of its existence. Their work starts with the analysis of the SRS and creating the testing documentation. After that, they proceed to the testing of the functionality and sending reports. After fixing bugs, testing is repeated. Detailed testing helps to develop a really high-quality product.

Support and Further Development

We are always happy to support and develop products developed by our team. After publication in the stores, the life of the application does not end. You may want to add new features or change previous ones. We are able to sign a technical support agreement with you or plan the next stage of development.

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