Web development.

Business card website

Everyone knows that the website represents your brand, so it should be fast, adaptable, crashproof, and at the same time simple and stylish. The website will help you find new customers. Needplex has 7 years of experience in web development. We create high-performance sites in a wide range of industries. Our team overcomes a variety of problems of our clients, helping to achieve exceptional results in the process.

E-commerce Sites

Online store development is one of the key services we offer at Needplex. This is a complex set of works. The successful result of e-commerce development is achieved by efficient management and good communication between the departments. If you want to sell online, we will help you create the right store from scratch. We also provide our clients with high-quality consulting at every stage of development, from discussing the idea to uploading the resource to the network.

Corporate sites

The corporate website has its own peculiarities. Firstly, this is the company’s main website, which, as a rule, is built for the presentation of the brand, services, and goods, for the acquisition of new partners or customers, as well as for the communication with the existing customers. Nowadays, the corporate website is used by all enterprises and companies. Our team is ready to develop it for you! We are familiar with the intricacies of creating sites of this type and are ready to take into account all your wishes.


A web-portal is a multifunctional site that contains various services, such as news, forum, search, blog, etc. Web-portals offer quick access to services, information, and communication. The main goal is to attract and retain as many users as possible around the topic of the resource. The web portal must have unique functionality, stylish design, its own exclusive theme. We are ready to develop for you a fast and high-quality resource that will become the main tool of your business.

Web Catalogues

Our catalogs are used to inform potential buyers about the products or services provided by the company. The result of visiting such a site will be a letter or a call to the manager from the client with a specific request. We create convenient, fast-acting catalogs that increase the number of your customers and match the image of your business. The web catalog created by us provides fresh, well-thought-out design, elaborated structure, convenient navigation, and architecture.

Landing Page

A landing page is a type of single-page website that is designed to promote and resell a particular product or service. The main goal of landing pages is to gather the maximum number of buyers interested in your offers. A well-designed and modern landing page can exist for a very long time. All you need is to provide new information in a timely manner. The Needplex team is ready to create a high-quality, exclusive landing page for you!

Individual Web-solution

Unique web-solutions, individual CRM-systems, web applications for business are necessary resources for companies operating in the modern market of sales and services. Our team is able to create any Web-solution and implement exactly those tools that will have a positive impact on your business. Creating a product of this type usually takes more time than developing other types of sites, but the result will definitely be worth the effort.

Stages of Development on a Turnkey Basis

Research and Strategy

Before starting the development of the system, our team conducts business analysis, which includes studying your products or services, market, niche, and competitors’ research. We develop a strategy that allows you to implement a successful project. In the process, experts create a plan according to which the web resource will be developed.

Service Connection

At this stage, CRM/ERP integration is performed. If the system was not connected - the database is created. We connect all the necessary services, such as payment systems.

Design Development

Then the stage of system design development begins: a single style is formed, colors and elements are selected, sketches are developed. Based on sketches, UX/UI designers work out an individual design, taking into account your wishes.

Creating Layout and Programming

After approving the mockups, our specialists start composing the pages: the site is being divided into blocks, visual effects appear, an adaptive version of your site is being created. Then the static site turns into dynamic, the control panel of a web resource is developed.

Testing and Security

Our QA-engineers start their work from the first stage of development, analyzing the documentation, testing sketches, designs, etc. When the site is checked, and detected bugs are corrected, the resource is retested again. In addition, at this stage, we add services that ensure the security of the site. Our specialists install the antivirus programs, test the protection, perform detailed monitoring of resource use, create backups.

Release and Support

Once the website is approved, we release it. From this time your site is in the public domain, and the business begins to work actively. But the website development does not end there. Your website may require support and further development. Our team is ready to provide you with technical support and develop your resources!

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