The best practice principles of web design for creating websites and mobile applications.
Web Design

Our team always strives to produce high-quality web solutions. We create a flexible, adaptive, impressive, intuitive design, using the best techniques. First of all, Needplex focuses on simplicity and accessibility, which provide users with an interface that meets modern trends. We believe that a truly thought-out design will help to build the image of the company and the brand both online and offline.

Mobile Application Design

Today, a huge amount of users solve everyday problems using mobile applications. It is convenient and fast! Everything you need is located in one small device. To become popular, the application must meet the following criteria: creativity, logic, brightness, simplicity. Our team of UI/UX designers will easily cope with this task. Needplex will create the design for your Android and iOS mobile applications.

Stages of Design Development


The process begins with filling out a ‘brief’, defining the purpose and idea of the project, as well as analyzing the sites of corporate competitors.


Then a team of experienced professionals begins to discuss ideas, work on the structure and usability, choose colors, create sketches.

Creating Mockups

At this stage, designers place elements of the website/mobile application according to the developed sketches and decide what they will look like.


At the final stage, a presentation is made. The client assesses if the developed design meets the goals.